If you haven’t yet, say hello our newest staff members….



Hailing from wintery Canada, Dylan has impressively tackled the Bali heat, got his first 3 waves surfing, attended a Balinese wedding, learned to ride a motorbike & squeezed in an epic sun burn all in a week’s worth of work. Oh & he’s coaching Jimbaran & taking on interns to learn how to be a coach. Hit him up if you’re interested!

Zach & Kayla 

zach and kayla

The kiwis who landed in Bali, (particularly Canggu) will be your new Canggu coaches. Zach is 4x Regionals athlete so listen up if you wanna get anywhere in the Opens! Kayla.. well take one good look at her and you’ll be convinced she knows a thing or three about CrossFit ;)



From our beautiful island of Bali, Kresna will be the first smile you’ll encounter when you walk in to our Jimbaran branch. He has plenty of that to share! Be nice enough to him and you might just get invited to a Balinese wedding or ceremony. It’s worth the experience when you’re here!

Be sure to make them feel welcome next time you’re at the box!