As we’re coming to the end of year, motivation often runs low. So, starting 16th October, we are letting you bring a friend to workout with you for FREE for 1 week to boost your energy and motivation level up. If your friend ends up joining after their 1-week experience with us, we give YOU 30% off your next membership payment as a token of thank you. The more buddies you get, the more discount you get (unlimited!). Just be careful they don’t start beating your PR’s.

Ask reception or our coaches next time you’re at the gym for invitation vouchers you can give to your friends or ask them for more details.

Bring ’em all in! Let’s show the “outsiders” how good life can get when the CrossFit bug bites!

Terms & conditions:

  • Offer valid 16/10/17 – 16/12/17
  • 30% discount is applied to the referring member if that member is on a weekly or monthly membership and the friend who joins sign for any weekly or monthly membership
  • One-week free pass can only be given by an active S2S member to any selected friends, family, or acquaintance
  • One-week free pass can be used by member’s friend only if they work out at the same class time as the member who’s given the voucher
  • One-week free pass is valid from the first date the pass is used until 7 days later
  • Referred friend must sign up before the end of campaign in order for the referring member to get the discount