One of the most exciting season of the year (for us CrossFitters) is just around the corner! For beginners and veterans alike, this is the time for you to prep your mind and body. Preparation is crucial.

Starting this week until the end of CrossFit Open, S2S will be running a specialised program for our members and for everyone around the globe that’s visited us. You can follow our program continuously whether you’re in or out of Bali. In the next 8 week or so, our coaches will guide you through these workouts in class. Not only are we focusing on the physical, but also the mental; how to strategize your lifts, reps and pace to get the best score. Mental preparedness and game strategy are crucial elements to succeeding the CrossFit Open. Even if you’re not into competing, try it anyway and unlock what your mind can really push through. How many times during the year do you get an opportunity like this? Test yourself. Find your limit. Wake the athlete in you!


S2S CrossFit Open 17.5
CrossFit Open 17.5 at S2S CrossFit Jimbaran, Bali

What’s the training program about?

In the first 2 weeks, our program will be strength biased (with only a little bit of conditioning). Focus is on high volume heavy lifting and gymnastic strength, also with high volume.

Even though CrossFit Open is predominantly MetCons, you will hugely benefit from gaining strength. Think about it this way. If you’re required to deadlift 10 x 80kg and your PR is 100 kg. That’s lifting 80% of your 1RM ten times. Think how slow and ugly it could get. Now, the other scenario is you have a 150kg PR on your deadlift. This makes 80kg only 53% of your 1RM. Imagine how much faster you’ll go. You’ll smash out the 80kg in no time. Therefore, strength is crucial. You can go faster and push yourself farther.


Heavy lifting at CrossFit Open 17.4
Heavy lifting at CrossFit Open 17.4


10 days before the first Open workout, we’ll scale back on strength drastically and put our focus on conditioning. This is the time to rev up your engine. We do it in the latter end as it takes longer for you to build strength than it is to get better at conditioning. Strength also takes more out of your body than light weight conditioning, hence why there won’t be much heavy and high volume lifting during the Open season.

You’ll see sets of unusual equipment being used to get you used to lifting all sorts of odd objects. We’ll keep a close eye on CFHQ hints and implement things we think they might drop. We want to be as prepared as can be.

For those who are doing the scaled version, we ask you stick to the weights prescribed for your level. Our coaches are usually more relaxed in class when it comes to you deciding what weight to lift. But this time, you must stick to the prescribed weights. There is a reason behind those numbers. Don’t negotiate like you would at Bali markets. Consider these weights a set price tag. No bargaining until after the Open!


"That was worth it" shot @ 2017 CrossFit Open S2S Jimbaran
“That was worth it” shot @ 2017 CrossFit Open S2S Jimbaran


Excited to get right into it? Then keep an eye on our website blog to see all the WOD’s we have coming up. If you’re overseas, please do join in and email or message us via social media for any questions.

Good luck guys!