If you’d like to ask us anything outside of these questions, feel free to contact us anytime.

  • What should I wear and bring to class?

    Comfortable workout gear, comfortable shoes, workout towel and a bottle of water. Running shoes or flat-soled shoes are appropriate. We sell water, coconut juice, protein shakes, cold-brew coffee at the box but we do not have towels available.

  • Can I bring a friend?

    Yes! The more the merrier. If your friend is not experienced in CrossFit, ensure they come to our CrossFit Light class so they can get a proper induction to CrossFit.

  • Can I do my own program as a traveling CrossFitter?

    Yes you may. Book in a spot during Open Gym (Monday – Friday 12-4pm) to use our space and equipment.

  • Can you cater to specific fitness goals?

    Yes. Please email or phone us to consult your needs.

  • How many people are in a class?

    Typically a class varies anywhere between 4 to 12 people. However, this could fluctuate depending on our athletes’ schedule and Bali’s tourist season.

  • What’s a typical class like?

    In an hour-long group class, we will warm up together then usually spend the first half of class working on strength and/or skill. This could be gymnastics based using own bodyweight or using heavy objects such as the Kettlebell or barbell. Our coaches will guide you through all the movements thoroughly. You will leave here having learned something. The second half of class is spent on “Conditioning” that varies from a short and intense 4-5 minute workout to anything over 15 minutes. Our program is constantly varied so you won’t ever get bored nor will your body plateau.

  • I’m a female and I don’t want to “bulk”. Will CrossFit make me big?

    No. You have to eat and train a certain way to get big and bulky. Bulky women you see in the media would train three hours or more each day and intentionally eat big to get that way. If you’re concerned about getting “bulky”, talk to us. We can guide you through our training and nutrition program to ensure that wont be the case.

  • What if I can’t keep up with the rest of the class?

    We scale all our workouts based on your capabilities. No two bodies are the same. Our coaches will scale your weights and reps based on your level. We foster a very healthy and encouraging environment that will see your peers cheering you on through some of the toughest workouts. You’ll be surprised what your capable of when you’re put in an uplifting environment.

  • What if I’m injured?

    We can scale all our workouts based on your limitations and capabilities. Ensure you arrive 15 minutes early prior to class to tell our coach of your injury. We will provide an alternative for you.

  • What types of results can I expect?

    Everyone is different. Everyone has different goals. We program our workouts in a specific way where it can cater to almost all goals. Email or phone us if you’d like to setup a consultation to see how our program can cater for you. The one most common thing that most people experience after only a few months of CrossFit is a leaner figure, gain in strength, gain in fitness and most of all, gain in self-confidence.