S2S CrossFit back squat

Each day, athletes will get a new WOD (workout of the day). These WODs will consist of constantly varied functional movements performed in high intensity which will vary from Olympics weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning (cardio). All workouts are scaled to your ability so we will never chuck you in the deep end. But, what we will do is find your threshold and ensure you continuously perform at maximum intensity. Why do we love intensity so much? Cause it’s your shortcut to RESULTS. And who doesn’t love results?

Our classes are one-hour long which covers the warm-up, gymnastics and/or weight training, skill drill and MetCon (metabolic conditioning). Monday, Wednesday, Fridays are our strength-bias day while Tuesday, Thursday, Saturdays are our conditioning bias days.

S2S CrossFit has a strong belief that no great journey is to be walked alone. Through the toughest workouts, we will have a team of people cheering you on. We will celebrate all victories together, we will keep each others’ scores and we will listen and inspire each other like a family should.

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