Upcoming events:

Bali Throwdown 24 June (Jimbaran only, Canggu will be closed) & CrossFit HQ Weightlifting Seminar 17-18 June. Register now!


Overseas visitors – If you don’t know your travel plans, just drop by when you can. Don’t stress out about not booking a class in advance.

First timers – If you haven’t experienced CrossFit before, please book a CrossFit Light / All levels class.

Be sure to click on the contact link above for directions or look up ‘S2S CrossFit’ for Canggu and ‘S2S CrossFit Jimbaran’ for Jimbaran on Google Maps to get to the box on time. Aim to arrive 15 min early before class.


Currency in Rupiah. Click here for conversion.

Casual visits

  • 1x class pass – 200,000
  • 1x open gym pass** – 180,000
  • 6x class pass (2 month validity) – 1,150,000
  • 10x class pass (3 month validity) – 1,800,000


  • Limited (3x per week) – 480,000
  • Unlimited – 550,000
  • Unlimited + open gym** – 700,000


  • Limited (12x per month) – 1,100,000
  • Unlimited – 1,500,000
  • Unlimited + open gym** – 1,800,000

Personal training

  • 3-session package – 1,500,000
  • 5-session package – 2,250,000
  • 10-session package – 4,000,000
  • Get 10% off class fees if you do both PT and classes
  • Bring extra friends for your PT session by adding 50% of PT fee per person
  • Group Personal Trainings available – email: info@s2scrossfit.com

Open Gym

  • 1x class pass – 180,000
  • Weekly limited (3x per week) – 400,000
  • Weekly unlimited – 480,000
  • Monthly limited (12x per month) – 650,000
  • Monthly unlimited – 850,000


  • KTP holders – 20% off membership
  • KITAS holders – 15% off of monthly membership
  • 6 Month up front – 10% off (non-refundable)
  • 1 Year up front – 20% off (non-refundable)


Personal training policies

  • PTs are only available in set packages. Clients must pay a non-refundable 50% deposit before commencing PT
  • PT packages are valid for 2 months only & is dependent on trainers’ availability. Once it expires, athletes must re-purchase a new package
  • Date & time of training is subject to trainers’ availability. It is the athletes & trainers responsibility to coordinate & organize training times
  • Rescheduling and/or cancelations must be notified in no less than 24-hours otherwise athletes will be charged at full rate

Membership policies

  • Memberships are to be paid before commencement of first class
  • Freezing membership is available if athlete is away for a min. of 7 days and max. 30 days with a min. of 1 hour notice
  • Freezing membership is only allowed for members on the “monthly membership” packages
  • S2S only accepts cash, credit car, or paypal transfer
  • S2S CrossFit membership is non-transferrable but athletes may purchase ‘gift memberships’ for someone else
  • Membership fees are non-refundable if athletes fail to attend the max. number of allowed classes
  • Open gym will be available Monday – Friday 10am-4pm (Canggu) and 6:30am-6:30pm (Jimbaran), Saturday 10am-12noon (Canggu), 7am-12noon (Jimbaran)
  • Membership fees do not include workshop or seminar classes
  • Only one discount type is allowed per individual
  • Open gym users must yield equipment or space to Classes/PT sessions/workshops
  • Open gym users must follow all facility rules and etiquette