Fitmeals new range!

Yeah baby! Our kitchen crew has released a delicious bunch of frozen soups! Choose from our nutritious range: Broccoli & zucchini soup Cauliflower & chicken cashew soup Black bean & bacon soup (aka the man soup!) Place any order this month with Fitmeals and you get to try one of these for FREEEEE! Get ’em in. … Continued

Meet the newest addition to our crew

If you haven’t yet, say hello our newest staff members…. Dylan Hailing from wintery Canada, Dylan has impressively tackled the Bali heat, got his first 3 waves surfing, attended a Balinese wedding, learned to ride a motorbike & squeezed in an epic sun burn all in a week’s worth of work. Oh & he’s coaching … Continued

S2S & Fitmeals Grand Opening!

We made it! S2S Jimbaran is up and running with new athletes buzzing about their newfound strength and the discovery of this awesome sport. And after testing & re-testing our products, Fitmeals is finally coming close to being ready for public release. (Haven’t tried Fitmeals yet? Click here to get your hands on one of our babies). To celebrate, we are inviting each one … Continued

Wednesday 18/11/15

WOD Front squat 6 x 3 @ 75-85% 8min AMRAP 10 KB swing 24/16kg 10 KB goblet squat 20 KB twist 100m run Results

Wednesday 14/10/15

S2S crew hikes up Mt. Batur. Constantly varied. WOD Overhead Squat 6 x 3 @ 70 – 85% 3 x 8 Bent over row @ moderate weight 8min Ascending ladder by 2’s 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, … OHS 40/30kg Box jump overs Buyout 100 med ball wall sit-ups Results 

Friday 9/10/15

WOD Deadlift 6 x 4 @ 65-75% with 1min variety plank hold after each set Then 3 Rounds 40sec On 20sec off – HSPU 3 Rounds 30sec On 30sec off -Double unders 3 Rounds 20sec On 40sec off – Clusters 50/35kg **3 Scores based on total reps for each movement Results

Monday 28/9/15

Tallon and Su at it hard on yesterday’s WOD. Congrats Su on gaining 5kgs on her back squat PR! Yewww! WOD 1RM Back Squat or 7 x 3 @ 75 – 85% 3 Rounds: 200m run 15 Box jump overs 5 HSPU Results 

Thursday 24/9/15

WOD Push Press 6 x 5 @ 65 – 75% *With 1 min hold after each set 1. Plank 2. Side plank 3. Side plank (repeat) Partner WOD of 12min AMRAP Partner 1 -200m run Partner 2 -7 Push press 50/35kg -7 Air squat -7 Ring dip -7 Sit-ups -Pick up where Partner 2 left off … Continued

Wednesday 23/9/15

Don’t forget Bootcamp is now running in S2S Jimbaran for those who aren’t into barbell stuff but still want results. Every Tuesday & Thursday at 9AM. Get in it! Fit Kids is also available for 3-8 years old every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 15:30. Bring ’em in young! Spread the word, help us build a … Continued