The Eat, Sleep, Lift (ESL) is a holiday package and an opportunity for you to continue your fitness goals outside of your typical routine while in a tropical paradise.The package is built for people of all fitness levels as well as those totally new to CrossFit.

The S2S CrossFit facilities are located in the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia. Bali is considered one of the best beach getaways due to the stunning tropical beaches, affordable accommodation, delicious food, rich culture and heritage, incredible rice terraces and awe inspiring coastlines. In Bali, you will find a diversity of experiences for a truly unforgettable holiday.


Training Facilities

Our gym facilities are stocked with high quality training equipment. We have two different gym locations, one located in Jimbaran and the other location is in Canggu, and both are only a few minutes from the beach. You can choose the location that is more convenient for you during the booking process.

The location in Jimbaran, is the closest to the Denpasar airport and is the biggest of our two locations. Providing members with lots of space to perform the different indoor and outdoor activities such as CrossFit, volleyball, basketball, soccer, running, etc.

The location in Canggu is about an hour drive from the airport and is a more intimate location. Fewer tourists make it to this part of Bali and this area is also known for its amazing surfing.

For more info about our two locations click here.


Our training classes are one-hour long and consist of the warm-up, gymnastics and/or weight training, skill drill and MetCon (metabolic conditioning). All workouts are scaled to your abilities so we will never throw you in the deep end.

We have very dynamic programs, so classes are always changing. Some days classes are in the gym and others will be done outdoors at the beach or in the athletic field, so you will be able to enjoy the sunshine.

Classes will always focus on proper technique and form will always be taught by experienced instructors. You will never be alone during this journey!

Benefits of our package:

  1. Great for all fitness levels
  2. Leave with a new level of fitness and energy
  3. Make new friends by training with fun liked-minded people
  4. Plenty of time to explore the amazing island of Bali
  5. Healthy food


Package Hotel Choices




What do the packages include?

  • Unlimited access to S2S CrossFit classes with certified trainers
  • Open gym
  • Access to sports facilities including soccer field, basketball court, volleyball court
  • Daily breakfast
  • Accommodation
  • Airport pickup


What are the prices?

ALL package rates below are for 2 people and are inclusive of Tax & service charges. For additional options, follow the link for each hotel.

3 Days Jimbaran Bay Beach Resort 2,780,000
4 DaysJimbaran Bay Beach Resort 3,590,000
4 DaysFrii Hotel
7 Days Jimbaran Bay Beach Resort 6,020,000
7 Days Frii Hotel
10 DaysJimbaran Bay Beach Resort 8,590,000
10 DaysFrii Hotel6,790,000

* Extra charge for additional activities (Surfing/Yoga) and add-ons such as car/bike rentals


How do I book my stay?

  1. Decide how long you want to stay 3, 4, 7, 10 days or longer

  2. Let us know if you have a preference for our Jimbaran or Canggu location

  3. Email us at