We love this island! So we want to invite you to join our crew here. Let us do the thinking, all you need to do is get here and Eat. Sleep. Lift. The perfect holiday package for people of all fitness levels that wants to keep active while on holiday. Bali is considered  as one of the best getaways due to the stunning beaches, affordable prices, delicious food, rich culture and heritage, incredible rice terraces and awe inspiring coastlines. In Bali, you will find a diversity of experiences for a truly unforgettable holiday. 

Training Facilities

We have two different gym locations, one located in Jimbaran and the other location is in Canggu, and both are only a few minutes from the beach. Here’s our take on each location’s “vibe” to help you decide which one best suits you.



Closest to the international airport and is the biggest of our two locations. Our gym is located right across Jimbaran Bay Beach and there is ample space here to perform different indoor and outdoor activities such as Oly lifts, CrossFit, volleyball, basketball, soccer, running, etc.

Jimbaran is an old fishermen town that’s known for its seafood, sunset views and quite surroundings. Close to famous surf breaks such as Uluwatu, Padang Padang and Balangan, Jimbaran has its own old-school charm as it was one of the original surf and tourist spots in Bali. Best suited for those who want to experience the “real Balinese culture” and want to have a quite relaxing holiday.




Our original box was setup in Canggu in 2013 back where there were more rice paddies than there were people or shops. Though small, our Canggu gym has much life to it. You can’t help but feel the intimacy and “home-box” feeling. Classes are kept at small sizes so you’ll get plenty of attention from our professional coaches.

Canggu is about a 1-hour drive from the airport and is a more westernised location. It’s the newest developed area of Bali where you’ll find plenty of amazing lattes, boutique shops, spas, barber & tattoo parlours and tons of events. Surf breaks you’ll find here are Echo Beach, Brawa Beach, and Pererenan. Best suited for those who can’t get away from sippin’ lattes, have strict dietary requirements (plenty of vegan, gluten-free, paleo, and all sorts of special dietary cafe options), shopping, and those who love parties and sunset drinks.



Our training classes are one-hour long and consist of the warm-up, gymnastics and/or weight training, skill drill and MetCon (metabolic conditioning). All workouts are scaled to your abilities so we will never throw you in the deep end.

We have very dynamic programs, so classes are always changing. Some days classes are in the gym and others will be done outdoors at the beach or in the athletic field, so you will be able to enjoy the sunshine.

Classes will always focus on proper technique and form will always be taught by experienced instructors. You will never be alone during this journey!

Benefits of our package:

  1. Great for all fitness levels
  2. Leave with a new level of fitness and energy
  3. Make new friends by training with fun liked-minded people
  4. Plenty of time to explore the amazing island of Bali
  5. Healthy food

View us in action…

How do I book my stay?

Simply choose Canggu or Jimbaran below to process your booking