If you’ve never tried CrossFit before, you may feel a bit intimidated by what you see in the media or by the crazy fit people we have at our gym. We’re here to tell you they all started somewhere. Step out of your comfort zone and drop in to enquire. Here are five simple steps to start your CrossFit journey with us:

  1. Check out our timetable.
  2. Find a CrossFit Light class most convenient for you.
  3. Click ‘Sign up now’ next to that time slot.
  4. Book yourself in to trial our CrossFit Light class for free.
  5. If you love it, you can then purchase any of our memberships. If not, no problemo. Our trial class is commitment free.

We find most first-timers feel more at ease when they bring a friend along. Feel free to ask your friends and family to accompany you for your first visit. However, if you can’t seem to convince anyone to join, we guarantee you will love the S2S community on your own and start making new training buddies in no time.

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