One of our favourite things about the ever increasing popularity of CrossFit and the entire fitness realm is the worldwide community it’s created. And as Bali’s tourism industry has grown like crazy this past decade, we’ve had the privilege to meet traveling athletes from a huge variety of backgrounds. Every conversation, every painful workout shared and every friendship formed with fitness enthusiasts from around the globe has helped S2S grow as a community of athletes, coaches and friends.

So if you’re a CrossFitter or fitness enthusiast and you happen to be visiting Bali, please drop in and say hi! Better yet, come and join us for a workout or three. The pleasure is ours.

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 Meet members from around the globe – Australia, New York, California, Spain, Paris, Sweden, etc.

First timers

If you’ve never tried CrossFit or any sort of fitness before, you may feel intimidated walking in to our gym. We’re here to tell you everyone starts somewhere! Step out of your comfort zone and drop in to enquire. Here are five simple steps to start your fitness journey with us:

  1. Check out our timetable.
  2. Find a class most convenient for you.
  3. Contact us to let us know you’re interested to join that class and that you’re completely new
  4. Arrive 15 minutes earlier to tell the coach your fitness level, injuries (if any), limitations and goals
  5. Enjoy the class!

We find most first-timers feel more at ease when they bring a friend along. Ask your friends and family to accompany you for your first visit. However, if you can’t seem to convince anyone to join, we guarantee you will love the S2S community on your own and start making new training buddies in no time.

Morning workout at S2S CrossFit

Guest coaching

We are always on the lookout for guest coaches. If you:

Please apply. The more qualifications and experience you have the better.

More importantly, we require someone that’s excellent in adapting to a new cultural environment. Experience in swerving through traffic on a motorbike, ability to persevere through cultural differences and language barriers could make or break the best coaches in the world. But the beauty which this island offers – in its people, culture, and beaches makes up for everything.

If you are interested in applying for a guest coach role or know of anyone, please send your resume to and include a 5-minute sample video of you coaching a class.

Pre class briefing