CrossFit group class 

One-hour class using CrossFit methodology to get you fitter, stronger, leaner. Click here for details on our workouts. CrossFit experience is required. Click here to join. 

If you’ve never done CrossFit before, start with our beginners class, CrossFit Light.

CrossFit Light class

For those curious about CrossFit, de-conditioned athletes and a class to bring all your friends and family to try. CrossFit Light is one-hour long and our coach will cover the warm up, teach you new skills, teach proper exercise mechanics then top it off with a great workout in the end. You will walk out having learned something new and feeling accomplished. Click here to join. 

Wrist stretch

Strength & Skill class 

Our Strength & Skill classes are dedicated to improve mainly your core and upper body strength, stability, flexibility and balance. We implement gymnastic-based programs to accomplish these things. Click here to join. 


1-on-1 Personal Training 

Whether you’re new or experienced in CrossFit, Personal Training (PT) is perfect for anyone as we customise the workouts for you.  Book a PT session if you’d like to get introduced to CrossFit, or if you have specific fitness goals you’d like to reach faster. Email or phone us to discuss which trainer would best suit you.

Handstand workshop

Group Personal Training

Working out with friends is always so much more fun. If you’re planning on having a Bali vacation with a bunch of your mates or family, hit us up to find out more about our group PT packages.