• All memberships are to be paid in full BEFORE the start of the session
  • Memberships are non-transferrable
    Memberships do not include special events, workshops, trainings, or seminars
  • Only 1 discount type is allowed per purchase
  • Only 1x Membership or pass upgrade allowed 
  • Rates and Prices are set and not negotiable
  • KTP or KITAS discounts are only available for the holder
  • No free trials are available
  • Memberships packages may not be changed after purchase unless upgrading membership type
  • Any exchanges of services or collaborations must be approved first, and request submitted a
    minimum of 24 hours before the session
  • S2S only accepts cash, debit or credit card. A 5% administration fee will be incurred should member want to pay in USD, AUD, GBP, or SGD.
  • S2S does not do T-shirt or product exchanges
  • Goods and services are fixed prices and will not be negotiated
  • Our trainers will commence class, seminar, workshop sessions as safely as possible but guest is responsible for their own safety and S2S Fitness Bali is not liable for any injuries, accidents, and/or death that happens in our vicinity during classes, seminars, and/or workshops.
  • Member freezes are only available for “Monthly Membership”, and “Monthly Open Gym”
    membership types
  • Member freezes are valid if member is away for a minimum of 7 Days and a maximum of 30 Days
  • Only 1 Membership freeze is available per membership period 
    • For 12 month memberships: membership can be frozen up to 2x for a total of 60 day

    • For 6 month memberships: membership can be frozen up to 1x for a total of 30 days

  • Member must inform S2S receptionist team of desired member freeze request before departure and before expiry
  • If member forgets to request a member freeze, the membership freeze will begin when the member contacts S2S reception and is approved, given it is before the expiry date
  • If member is away for longer than 30 days on a monthly membership, existing membership will cease, and new membership must be acquired


  • Do not drop empty Barbells, 8kg Barbells, or Barbells with only 5kg or less of weight plates on
  • Do not drop Dumbbells or Kettlebells
  • Use bigger weight plates when lifting heavier. Do not use multiple 5kg or 10kg weight plates. Use 15, 20, or 25 kg plates when lifting heavier.
  • When dropping weighted barbells, do so with care and control especially from overhead
  • Do not use med balls as slam balls
  • Clean up your space
  • Put all equipment back after use
  • Use chalk sparingly and dust off in the bucket
  • Clean off any sand, dirt, or poop before entering gym
  • Workout with proper shoes on (running shoes, CrossFit shoes, lifting shoes, etc.)
  • Say “Hi”, and introduce yourself to others
  • Be friendly!
  • Arrive early and on time to classes (if you’re still putting your shoes on, or changing your clothes, you’re late)
  • Penalty 5 burpees for every minute late
  • There are no excuses for being late and burpees will help you to get warmed up for the session
  • If athlete arrives 10min late or more, they will not be able to join the class session
  • If classes are at full capacity, late-comers will have to wait until the next class
  • Class sizes are capped according to the type of class
  • Listen to your coach to get the most out of your session and ensure safety at all times
  • Respect the equipment
  • Space is limited so be mindful of your movements, surroundings, and equipment
  • Leave your ego in the rice field
  • Support your fellow athletes
  • Use of mobile phones are strongly discouraged as it can disrupt, distract, and cause yourself/others to
    lose focus
  • PT’s must be paid in full before the start of the first PT session
  • PT packages are valid for 3months with no option of freezing or extension
  • PT packages are non-transferrable
  • PT’s are subject to availability of Trainers schedule and is the responsibility of the member to coordinate appointments accordingly
  • PT sessions are standard 60 minutes long
  • Arriving late to PT appointments will result in a shorter session
  • Rescheduling of PT appointments must happen by 12noon the day before the scheduled session
  • Failure to reschedule or cancel a set PT appointment by 12noon the day before the scheduled session
    will be charged in full
  • In case of sickness or injury, member must inform the Trainer immediately and potentially show proof of circumstance at which time the Trainer will assess cancellation policy
  • Should additional guests want to join in on PT sessions, an added charge will be incurred
  • Our trainers will commence training sessions as safely as possible but guest is responsible for their own safety and S2S Fitness Bali is not liable for any injuries, accidents, and/or death that happens in our vicinity during personal training sessions
  • Open gym users must follow all House rules and etiquette
  • Priority on space during open gym will be for Personal Training, Pre-booked workshops, etc.
  • Open gym is only for the designated hours, however if a class is low on attendance it will be up to the Trainer on shift to allow the open gym user to train
  • All equipment and space must be handled appropriately with care
  • Any items broken due to mis-care or inappropriate use will be charged to the user
  • Space and equipment must be cleaned and put back to designated space after training
  • Open gym users will train mindfully with optimising space, communicating with others, and respecting other users and PT sessions that are in process
  • Guest is fully responsible for their own safety and S2S Fitness Bali is not liable for any injuries, accidents, and/or death that happens in our vicinity during open gym hours
  • Purchases are non-refundable or exchangeable for cash
  • Purchases are non-transferable
  • Purchases are non-refundable if member fails to use max number of sessions within designated time frame
  • Purchases are non-refundable if member leaves Bali or Canggu area earlier than expected
  • Purchases are non-refundable in case of sickness or injury
    • If proof of legitimate doctor’s note is provided, a possible Member freeze of 1-4 weeks will be given
    • Requests for extensions must be submitted immediately after occasion of circumstance
    • Any requests for refund should be accompanied with supporting documents