S2S Fitness Holiday

8 Days/7 Nights

Pricing starts at just Rp. 8,000,000 per person and Rp. 12,000,000 per couple!

A complete fitness holiday in Bali that focuses on high intensity training, recovery, and community. Available all-year round, easy to book, and affordable. 

We are located right in the heart of Canggu. The hub of all things exciting and healthy! Between your accommodation, fitness classes, and Yoga sessions, you’ll be surrounded by some of Bali’s most iconic places.

Train hard, eat well, and be free to enjoy Bali and meet people at our gym. We are here as your trusted trainers and travel partner.

Great CrossFit crew when you are over in Bali.
I used the gym in Canggu and it had a great atmosphere and trainers. They also had a social event every week I was there, so great for meeting new people. Great job guys, keep it up!
Martine Maaks
Felt so welcome
Felt so welcome and the coaches were great. I only regret that I didn't come in at the beginning of my trip. Will be back for sure!
Francien Elmendorp
Great gym!
Great gym! Even though for people who don't do CrossFit, it's perfect. You got everything you need here plus a great environment. Great staff plus the possibilities to train outside.
Alexander Ohlrau
Thank you guys for having us!!!
S2S in Canggu was my first CrossFit place. Laura and I ended up going there 4-5 times a week simply because the team was so cool. The place itself has real character for sure and the workouts were never the same. On our last day we were treated like celebrities with our favourite exercises. Thank you guys for having us!!!
Eddie Porucius
Great people and great WOD's.
They push you hard but it's worth it! My boyfriend and I spent 4 weeks at S2S, it was an awesome experience even for two novice crossfitters. We can't wait to go back. Thanks Matt & Crissy, and your awesome team
Clare Dash
The best experience in my life.
Never have been travelling solo but I don't regret a second. You definitely not going to be left alone there. Thanks a lot to Peter and Ricardo for extreme classes mixed with joy and fun, and Hanna who is always there for you if you've got questions or need advise. You will gain results if you are training hard, that's for sure. And I net so many nice people who I am definitely will stay in touch! Thank you guys!!! And I wish you all my best!
Natasha Rom
A fab crossfit gym
A fab crossfit gym for beginners and experts. I've learned so much and the trainers have been fun and supportive. Thank you for 2 great weeks of sessions
Sherry Tillett
A very welcoming, wonderful Staff!
A very welcoming, wonderful Staff! Will be back on day for sure!
Sarah Ann
Couldn't have met greater people from the coach to the athletes.
I dropped in the Canggu last Friday morning for their 8am WOD. Couldn't have met greater people from the coach to the athletes. They welcomed me in for the partner WOD like I've always been there. It may be a small box with no frills but it has everything you need for a great workout! I'd definitely recommend and would come back in I'm back in Bali.
Jamaal Hudson
South Carolina

Some of the perks/must knows!:

• We prioritize your fitness without having a strict “retreat-like” schedule–You come and go as you please–there is no set schedule! Plenty of time to explore Bali AND get fit!
•Your own accommodation
• Access to discounts all around Canggu with our S2S Member Card
• You are instantly thrown into an amazing community
• We have the BEST CrossFit programmer, Justin Fallon, and one-of-a-kind trainers/coaches/staff
• Weekly community events
• You are added into our WhatsApp chat where you will instantly become a part of our community and be in the know about all upcoming events–you instantly feel like you belong
• Your own personal host to welcome you and book any and all tours for you, surf lessons, scooters, etc. Ask for our tour catalog!

Need we say more?!

Design your fitness holiday

We prioritize your fitness without having a strict “retreat-like” schedule. You come and go as you please–there is no set schedule! Check out our steps below and get to designing your perfect trip! 

All Fitness Holiday Packages include:

Step 1. Choose your dates!

(We require an 8 Day/7 Night minimum stay)

Step 2. Choose your Accommodation:

All our accommodation partners are less than a 7-minute walk to S2S and the beach!

Baller on a budget

Dini's Guesthouse

Baller on not as much of a budget

Koa d surfer hotel

Standard But sexy


standard but sexier


Livin' it up in Luxury

swarga suites

Step 3. Select any Add ons:

Step 4. Press Inquire for availability!

You design your trip, book your flight to Bali, and we take care of the rest! Your Bali Fitness Holiday is just one click away!


Come for the great training, stay for the even better community. If we do say so ourselves, we have one of the best communities in Bali. From long-term members to people just dropping in, we strive to attract fun people who love training, but also don’t take life too seriously. Everyone is welcomed, and we are ready to push you to be your best while having fun doing it.

We are located right in the heart of Berawa, surrounded by some of the best restaurants and bars, so you better believe we take full advantage of that (don’t forget your S2S member card to capitalize on our discounts)! We hold weekly events for you to enjoy your time here with our community, and get to know eachother.

So there we have it! What are you waiting for?!


Our gym was setup in Canggu in 2013 back where there were more rice paddies than there were people or shops. S2S was the pioneer in CrossFit and health boom in our area. Though small, our Canggu gym has much life to it. You can’t help but feel the intimacy and “home-box” feeling. Classes are kept at small sizes so you’ll get plenty of attention from our professional coaches. All the equipment you need from light kettlebells to heavy Oly lifting gear, we have it.

Canggu is about a 1-hour drive from the airport and is the newest developed and most popular area of Bali where you’ll find plenty of amazing cafes, boutique shops, spas, barber & tattoo parlours and tons of events. Our gym is walking distance to the beach, and your accommodation is even closer.

The vibe is perfect, the sun is shining, our trainers are passionate.


Training sessions are one-hour long and consist of a variety of movements. We believe in high intensity workouts combined with functional movements. Why? Because it’s your fastest and most effective route to results. Of course, each individual is unique so during your welcoming/briefing session, we’ll consult you on how to achieve your specific goals through our classes. Check out our timetable to see what will be available to you when you’re here. Your program will consist of a combination of Cardio, HIIT, Weight Training, and CrossFit sessions.

We have very dynamic programs, so classes are always changing. Not just in the movements itself but also your physical space. Some days classes are in the gym and others will be done outdoors at the beach or in the field, so you will be able to enjoy the sunshine.

Classes will always focus on proper technique and form will always be taught by experienced instructors. You will never be alone during this journey.

Inquire today!

Have some more questions? Ready to book? Let us know what type of trip you are interested in and we will get back to you shortly!

(When you press the blue inquire button below, a form will pop up to fill in your details and a message area if you need to ask more questions or fill us in on any details!)

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